About Rachel

My name is Rachel Tempe. I’m half-Indian, half-British. This name was given to me by my British father who impregnated my Indian mother out of wedlock in Bombay (now called Mumbai) during the time when the British Empire controlled my mother country of India.

This was a long time ago now. I am quite old. In India, during those times, a child born out of wedlock was a serious disgrace. My father never recognized me as his child. Soon after my mother gave birth to me, he was gone. My mother never saw him again. My mother’s family disowned her.

As I grew older, I realized the weaker people need someone so desperately to speak up for them. This is why I became very interested in law. I immigrated to Canada after my mother died (bless her heart) to seek my fortune. I worked in the worst type of jobs, but found a way to go to school. Although I never had the means to get a law degree, I was always interested in it and studying it. I eventually even married a Canadian lawyer and we have two children.

I am getting on in years now, but I am so happy to say both my son and my daughter have decided to go to law school in Canada to follow in what is now the new family tradition of a strong interest in law and protecting the weak!