Getting Married But Worried About Existing Children And Finances? Get A Lawyer

If you are about to enter into marriage and you have a child from a past relationship, you need to talk with a lawyer. If you are worried about money, or you don’t want your spouse to make medical decisions for you, you’ll want to talk with a lawyer to get a prenuptial agreement and a living will. These two items are going to benefit you greatly if you get divorced, or if something happens to you.


You need a will so you can state what money, assets, and belongings you want to go to what people. With a will there is no confusion or fighting, and you can make sure that your child gets everything that you wanted them to have.

Medical Power of Attorney

Do you have a doctor in the family, or someone that you would trust with your life? It doesn’t mean you don’t trust or love your spouse if you don’t have them as your medical power of attorney, it just means you think someone else is more knowledgeable or appropriate for the position. You can name a parent, friend or family member you feel comfortable with.

Prenuptial Agreement

Get a prenuptial agreement to make sure your spouse leaves the marriage with what they brought into the marriage, and so they don’t get half of your wages or investments if you divorce. You may want to put that they won’t get alimony, that they can’t have half of your assets, and that they can’t access your savings, retirement funds or pension accounts. This is to ensure you have what you have earned and saved for in your lifetime.

Executor of the Will

Appoint an executor of your will, so you don’t have to worry about a conflict between your spouse and your child or future children. This can be a sibling, family member or even the lawyer that you have drawing up the prenuptial agreement and the will.

If you are worried about what your child or spouse will do with the money that they may potentially get in the event of your death, you may want to have it stated their money will put into a trust until they reach a certain age. You can also require that the lawyer approves withdrawals, or that they have to get the money from an accountant.

Something could happen during your marriage that causes you to divorce, or something could happen to you and it may not be best for your spouse to have total control. Talk with a lawyer from a law office like Lynn Valley Law and find out what you can do before you get married.

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