Three Security Options Your Auto Dealership Should Employ

When you own an auto dealership, you have a duty to protect your investment and that of customers that use your facilities for service. So when you want to know that the equipment and vehicles located at your property are as secure as possible, there are three security options you should always employ.

Access Control

Even during daytime hours, an auto dealership can be vulnerable to theft and crime when access is uncontrolled. So the first option you need to consider in securing your dealership is with access control.

Access control includes keypad, card, fingerprint, code, and guarded entry and exit points. Though you may have taken measures to securely contain service and storage areas, using access control features will help you further control who can come and go from locked areas at any given time, so only necessary personnel has access to equipment and property.

If damage or theft occurs to areas that have access control and these areas aren’t simultaneously video monitored, you’ll have a better chance of determining who was responsible for any criminal activity based on who has access.


Video monitoring, including CCTV and internet-based options, are a precaution that you should always consider in places where access is unlimited or where property is vulnerable. Cameras are considered a stand-by feature, because they can allow you to review footage in the event of damage or theft, giving you a better chance of determining who is responsible.

But in order to be useful to your dealership, cameras have to be either continuously monitored or motion activation and monitored by a third-party source, so that there is a better chance of thwarting illegal behavior. If you have cameras that aren’t monitored continuously, you have to install ones that offer high definition, night vision options (for areas that are not well-lit), and are securely placed where criminals can’t tamper with them.

Security Guards  

Security guards offer your auto dealership the best chance at deterring a crime, because only a human can monitor, deter, and even detain anyone that’s suspected of illegal activity. Though automated features and cameras are standards you should employ for limiting access and reviewing footage, a security guard is the only one that can actually stop crime before it starts.

Security guards are trained to deal with a wide range of security issues, can help to safely monitor all access points, and offer your dealership a deterrent aspect, as criminals can less easily bypass a live individual than a camera or control. Security guards should be employed around the clock for optimal protection, but at the very least during after-hours, when activity is most likely to occur. If you are interested in protecting your dealership, contact a security company such as Royal Victoria Security.

Though one security option will help protect your property, when all three are employed you have the best chance of eliminating theft or damage to any property and equipment located at your dealership.

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