Involved In An Auto Accident? Important DOs And DON’Ts To Remember

No matter how carefully you drive, you may one day be involved in an auto accident. Since this isn’t something that happens every day, you may be upset and confused. If this happens to you, follow these helpful suggestions.

DO Contact the police

Contact the police and wait for them to arrive, especially if there is extensive damage or injured parties. Some drivers may choose to simply exchange contact information if the damage is minimal, but many areas require you to file a police report regardless of the amount of damage. You will also need a copy of the police report if you are planning on filing an insurance claim to repair damage to your vehicle.

DO Contact an attorney

In many cases, it may be in your best interest to first speak with an attorney before giving a statement to the insurance company. They will be able to advise you on what information you need to provide, and how to best proceed. This can be especially important if you were at fault, or if you are injured.

DO Take pictures

Keep a disposable camera in your car or use the camera on your mobile phone to take lots of pictures of the damage to each vehicle. This will protect you from potentially paying for repairs not even caused by the accident.

It is also a smart idea to take pictures of the accident scene, including relevant signage and traffic signals, as well as the position of the vehicles. You may need this information later if either party brings about a lawsuit.

DON’T Leave the scene

If you are driving while impaired, without a license, or have inadequate insurance you may be tempted to leave the scene of the accident. No matter how much trouble you think you will be in when the police arrive, just remember that you’ll be in even more trouble if you flee.

Leaving the scene of an accident can get you big trouble. In addition to any legal liability originating from the accident, “failure to stop at scene of accident” carries a five-year jail sentence.

DON’T Admit you are at fault

Immediately following the crash, you may be tempted to apologize, especially if you feel you may be at fault. While it is perfectly acceptable to check if anyone was hurt, never admit fault. It can be used against you in determining who was responsible.

Try to keep your discussion with the other party to a minimum and wait for the police to arrive. They will investigate and determine who was at fault.

DON’T Refuse Medical Treatment

If you are involved in anything other than a low-speed fender-bender, you should seek medical attention. Even if you feel fine. Oftentimes, you will not begin to feel many of the aches and pains from the crash until the next day. It is also possible that you may suffer internal injuries that you don’t know about, so it is always smart to get checked out by a doctor after an accident. If you need a personal injury lawyer, contact McCourt Law Offices.

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