Injury Lawyer in Canada


Becoming a Canadian Injury Lawyer

Seven steps to become an injury lawyer in Canada are: 1) complete a secondary degree, 2) complete the university program to get a BA, 3) score well on the LSAT, 4) get admitted to law school, 5) take Bar preparation course, 6) work for ten months at a qualified firm, and 7) pass the bar.


Looking for an Injury Lawyer in Canada

When looking for an injury lawyer in Canada, be timely, be proactive, and be aware of the limitations. Being timely means seek legal counsel, as soon as possible after an injury. Being proactive means to collect data, documents, photos, and videos to help make the case stronger.


Injury Cases in Canada

Understand the limitations of the laws in Canada for personal injury cases. There are very severe maximum limitations in Canada on the amounts of awards, which may legally be awarded, depending on the type of injury. Some of the maximum limitations, such as those in Alberta, for “pain and suffering” are surprising.


Canada and USA Laws Differ on Injury Awards

Multi-million dollars awards for personal injury are rare in Canada. While the Canadian justice system recognizes the responsibility of anyone, whose negligence contributes to the unwarranted injury of another, the limitation of the maximum amount of the award, is much smaller in Canada than typically occurs in the USA.

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